Marcela Arroyo
Buenos Aires-born tango singer Marcela Arroyo’s unique voice – sensuous and warm – is utterly captivating. A student of the Manuel de Falla Conservatory and Julio Bocca School of Musical Theater, she went on to perfect her skills under greats such as Anibal Arias, Leda Valladares, Hilda Herrera and Juan Manuel Miró.

Based in Switzerland since 2000, Marcela has enthralled audiences throughout Argentina and Europe, sharing the stage with distinguished Tango Nuevo and Folk composers, musicians and groups, including Dino Saluzzi, Juan Falú, Marcelo Nisinman and Quique Sinesi (Latin Grammy Winner). Between 2004 and 2006, she mesmerized audiences in Zurich and Darmstadt as lead singer in the operita «María de Buenos Aires».

Produced by Swiss National Radio and released in 2009, Marcela’s album «Puerta Sur», with bassist Daniel Schläppi and violinist Andreas Engler, received rave reviews. Her most recent collections are «Pasión poética», released in 2012 with Solo Musica, features composer Marcelo Nisinman, «New Tango Songbook», released in 2014 with the guitarist Julio Azcano and «Tres Mil Uno», released in 2016 with Andreas Engler and Daniel Schläppi.

Press Features

«…arrangements are all stridently post-Astor Piazzolla… Arroyo brings to the tango songbook a hint of Marlene Dietrich-esque drama… she can also deliver a folk singer’s warmth. Whichever mode she’s in, her manner is intimate…» Chris Moss, Songlines UK

«Fascinating instrumental music supported by a versatile voice well trained in classic Fado.» GERM

«High praise is due vocalist Marcela Arroyo… Her throaty, smoky night club mezzo voice is very enjoyable and perfect for this kind of music.» Audiophile Audition, USA